Take a nap on sunday afternoon..

lets make sure we do that..and maybe extend that ‘nap’ to a long sleep..

and lets also make sure we do NOT miss our daily learning habit..
+ -> long sleep, a normal ‘sunday’ after ages(forced upon me thanks to tiredness, but it has its pluses.. :))
– ->missing daily habits like learning writing..

Organization is..

critical to growth. 

The first step in any case – even in life for example, is full of chaos just like a baby learning to walk and talk.. 
And less chaos as we move grow to our teens for example.. friends, relationships, general life itself is pretty chaotic..
and then..adulthood..should we choose to take it..
as they say..growing old happens..growing up is an option..

There is no such thing as..

a ‘self made’ person..

We are all what we are thanks to many many people who have influenced us over the course of our lives. Parents, teachers, friends, mentors and the like.. 
The quicker we acknowledge this, the farther we go.. :)