Best of

Over the years, a request I’ve gotten from time to time is to share a “Best of” page. After procrastinating on this request for over 5 years, I realized that I was getting stuck at defining what constitutes a “Best of” post. I’ve settled on a simple definition – a post that I would describe as a quintessential ALearningaDay post.

So, below are a few I’ve picked (grouped by year). I hope it helps.

v32 (2021)
Notes on writing for yourself (2021)

10 questions – Annual Review 2020 (2020)
Books that might change your mind – with links to older editions (2020)
3 career perspectives (2020)
First time parent advice (2020)

Simplifying personal finance (2019)
What is this blog about (2019)
30 hard won lessons from 30 years (2019)
Extenuating circumstances (2019)

Notes on Product Management – a series (2018+)
Motives vs. values II (2018)
Reason, season, or lifetime (2018)
v29 Release notes (2018)
Sources of learning (2018)

Training wheels (2017)
Principles of focus (2017)

Leadership in 1 page (2016)
4 core tech business models (2016)
3 phases of the job search process (2016)
Building a personal mission statement (2016)
16 Life Principles (2016)
The final MBA Learning – with links to 5 other key posts (2016)
Dealing with Death (2016)

Compounding learning (2015)
David Allen on Re-entry (2015)

Who owes you? (2014)
Observations about friendship (2014)

You don’t know if a good day is a good day (2013)

Success and happiness – Viktor Frankl (2012)

It’s my life – a few truths (2011)