Short term thinking..

can hardly ever lead to good, can it?

This is with reference to the thought I had as I was just settling in at home last week. Should I spend time to set up my room as per my likes or just live out of a suitcase for example as I’m barely here for a couple of weeks..

What I did realize is that short term thinking will never improve a system. Let’s take, for example, a hotel room where we are housed for a few days. I doubt if we would spend too much time thinking about how our actions would impact the future cleanliness/use-ability of the room. We’ll do as we like and move on.. not too many emotions attached.

If we keep moving about treating places we stay, work etc like hotel rooms, we would never live up to the maxim of ‘leave everything a little better than you found it’..

That, to me, was quite an observation. So, time I got to room cleaning! :)