Isn’t failure a wonderful thing?

I was just grappling with a few thoughts and it occurred to me that failure is among the best things that can happen to us, like it or not..

Let’s visit Man Utd after the Champs league final in Moscow after beating Chelsea. The mood is jubiliant, players partying and the like. It’s only when Ferguson gets back to Old Trafford does he go back to the drawing board to plot next season’s trophy attack..

How about when Utd were given a lesson in Rome this summer? Every player’s mind must have had just 1 thought – what could we have done differently? What went wrong?

It is true that we must focus on things that go well but if it isn’t for failure, we would never question, we would never ponder as to what went wrong…

1) Failure makes us humble. It does to me at atleast.. else I’d be flying too high for my own good..

2) Failure makes me think as to the things I can change – that within my circle of influence that would make me a better person that I would not have thought of had every step of mine led to success..

3) Failure makes me thankful for the things I take for granted.. a lovely family, wonderful friends, blessed teachers and mentors and great blessings like lovely food, money to spend and the like..

4) Failure makes me question my own deepest values, as to what really matters and whether this would matter to me 50 years from now.

5) And failure keeps me prepared for change..

Failure unfortunately is treated as a negative word. I’ve never felt its wrong to fail.. Falling down and staying down are two very different things.

And in the words of Rocky Balboa(from memory..inaccuracy alert :)) – ‘Life will make you fall down to your knees and stay there if you let it. It is never about how hard you hit but about how hard you get hit and keep moving, how hard you get hit.. and keep moving..’