Active projects

Notes on Product Management (Jun 2017 – Present): I work in product management and spend a lot of my time thinking about internet products. Notes on Product Management is a synthesis of the lessons I wish I knew starting out as an individual contributor.

Parenting (Nov 2016 – Present): Notes from the mother of all learning projects. :) (Jul 2010 – Present) Reviews of all non-fiction books I read (I update this every 6 months)

Old Projects

The Notes by Ada Project (Mar 2017 – Aug 2019): A monthly long form post/newsletter on technology and the future – inspired by Lady Ada Lovelace. Most of these notes can be found on my now unused Medium profile.

The 200 Words Project (Jan 2014 – May 2017): I posted an idea from a book I read within 200 words every Sunday. This was a continuation from another weekly newsletter project where I contributed. 

The MBA (Aug 2014 – Jun 2016): A collection posts about lessons learnt from graduate school.

The Help2Grow Initiative (Nov 2013 – Dec 2016): Help2Grow was a charitable trust registered in India that I co-founded with friends to support underprivileged kids. We ran out of steam after gaining a lot of appreciation of the challenges of running a not-for-profit.

The Learnographics Project (Jun 2014 – Aug 2014): Learnographics are infographics for learning. We hoped to make one every quarter in 2014. Ran out of bandwidth. :-)

The Real Leaders Project (Sep 2011 – Jun 2014): We published an interview every 2 weeks with global leaders and innovators from across fields like entrepreneurship, writing, venture capital, and the arts. This was a lot of fun and enabled us to meet some fascinating people. Eventually ran out of steam. 

The Mastermind Group (Aug 2013 – Jun 2014): No links here. This was a “mini-Davos” group started with friends. We did a Google Hangout every 2 weeks to discuss and implement ideas on various topics – e.g. finance and investing, relationships, better habits, etc. Ran out of steam. (May 2013 – Dec 2013): A better way to pick up skills on the web. Didn’t work.

The Bookbytes Project (2013): Intended to be a blog community of folks who share book learnings or book “bytes” as they read them. Didn’t work. (Jan 2008 – Jun 2010): An initiative to help students express themselves. Didn’t work but we persisted for ~1 year anyway. We then pivoted to create “Sparkz” – the National University of Singapore’s version of Britain’s Got Talent. That still continues. 

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  1. Hi – I’ve read one of your posts on separating a process from the outcome.

    Can you give me a practical reason why there is value in this, apart from being able to focus on the process and improve it to change the outcome?


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