Thoughts after a memorable weekend..

1) Friends are special. Period.

2) Spending time with friend’s parents while visiting them is one thing. Having fun is quite another. We had a lovely dinner organized thanks to Vik and family and watching the parents sing, dance was an amazing feeling. Heart-warming to see them break barriers..

3) Was very nice to have a change in environment. We’ve had lot of fun times in Singapore but generally the fun is a variation of the usual. This was a different environment with parents around, new territory(home for most..) and brought out a different side in people – a fun side!

4) Money doesn’t buy class. Money can never buy mental peace. I hope I always remember this..

5) Love is all it takes to break barriers. It takes time to love people but its important to give them that time. I saw an important barrier break and it was heart-warming..

6) All this talk about breaking barriers reminds me of the quote – ‘Some things take time, 9 women can’t make a baby in a month..’ :)

7) Recognized a few wonderful things to learn from people. Especially KD, who has this ability to fit in without effort, without any detractors. Blessed to have a friend like him.

8) Probably the best 2 things I did was recognize I was losing my cool after hours and hours of driving and take some time off and then also catch some sleep before morning.. Made it a good mix and gave me confidence that I can become more self-aware and sensitive. It has to start with being sensitive to myself.. else I will always stay the thick skinned buffalo.. :)

9)Important to change environment with your loved ones.. loved the change!

10) Parents are the reason we are who we are. It’s nice hanging out with a bunch of people but meeting the parents brought us all to realize the primary drivers behind all of this. Bringing a child up is the toughest thing in the world and the importance of parents can NEVER be overstated..

11) Cows rushed in when we were driving down the east coast road. I was lucky to swerve away. Had we been travelling slightly slower or had there been a car on the other side of the road, I shudder to think what would have happened. And reflecting back, I am still uncertain how it could have been avoided. I guess some things are best left at the hands of god..

12) A lot of things will change will time. Hence, the present is really a gift..

13)It’s nice to understand how people work and what makes them tick. Once we do understand them, it is easier to live and work with them..

14) The importance of simple courtesies(like a please, sorry and thank you) can again, never be over-stated. In our teenage years, we sometimes tend to think these are unnecessary. Unfortunately(or fortunately), communication, or the lack thereof, is the only reason why relations break..

15) Falling in love is heart thing. Staying committed is mind thing. It is easier to get into a football team than to survive 15 years in it, training day in and day out, accepting the highs and lows without quitting. It is the same with a relationship.. We all have the power of choice.. And I know that, in my heart of hearts, I’d rather be a Paul Scholes than a David Beckham even if it means missing the allure of Madrid and Los Angeles..

16) Football365 does 16 conclusions. I guess this has turned out that way without me meaning to. A lot of these are very simple thoughts that occurred but writing it down itself has been great as it helps me revisit this weekend..

There are many more learnings. Maybe more some other time.. :)