Keep clapping..

You don’t always get the right sound.. 

its more helpful clapping again rather than contemplating why you didn’t make the right sound..
you’re only gonna get better by clapping again anyway..

A recommendation..

to find stillness for 10 minutes in your day..

That means that we all find an activity when we put all the troubles, the stress behind us and just focus on something small.. My stillness activity is threading needles. I thread 50 needles a day thanks to a recommendation from a great set of people to help me improve my focus.

I’ve discovered that the needles give me 10 minutes of solace where I just spend time with myself..and enjoy the stillness..

Why stillness? Because I heard a small part of a book I listen to whenever I feel rushed – called ‘Stillness Speaks’ by a philospher by name ‘Eckhart Tolle’. The beauty of the book is his voice..and the way he spreads the feeling of stillness.. inexplicable!

Philosophical yes.. beautiful nevertheless..:)