Systems kick in slowly..

This is with reference to 2 things actually – 1) The cleanliness at my new (shared) home and 2) Weekend book learnings

In the case of 1), I’ve seen that systems kick in gradually. It is very tempting to clean all things at once (initially, I was aghast at the mess that resulted in a house where 4 (on weekdays) and 8 (on weekends) live.. haha.

But gradually, over the weeks, one newer thing gets added to the cleaning list and over the past week, the house has become a home (in the cleanliness sense as well).

In the case of 2), I started sending out an email every weekend to close family and friends with book learnings from a book that I’d read. This was a random, badly written email that was meant to be an incentive for me to read and share learnings. Over time, it has changed to a nice and polished email with a story from one of the books I read over the course of the week.

When I look at the email in its current state, I’m amazed at how far it’s come.

If I had to summarize this post in a couple of lines.

It’s important to have a sense of where we are going (example: Best book learning mail in the world, uber clean house etc)

And ‘Some things just take time, 9 women can’t make a baby in a month!’