Weekends are..

what we make them to be..

I know that sounds bloody obvious but I’ve realized the are as special as we make them to be. It takes effort to make them special of course.

The whole idea of having 2 days after a (generally) tough 5 days is already amazing! And I fully appreciate their value now! Aside from that, I’ve realized how easy it is to not have a life, to not do anything because work typically takes so much out of us that it’s very easy to just come back home every weekday and do nothing and repeat the same process for weekends.

But, it does help when weekends = something different and special. This weekend, for example, just a trip to Sentosa to spend some in front of the blue water on golden sands was just worth it! It took away the monotony of seeing the same scenery (i.e. big concrete buildings) and made for a brighter outlook to the week ahead..

It’s over to night-cycling at Pulau Ubin next week!