All sunshine makes a desert..

I read this on Vikram’s blog and I found it very insightful.

I’m reading a book titled ‘4 hour work week’ where (self) acclaimed author Tim Ferris talks about living the ideal life – working 4 hours and spending the rest of the time skiing, snorkelling, holidaying – you get the picture.

Rather than be enthralled by it, I find myself repulsed by it. For one, his point of view is entirely based on the premise that we exist to enjoy every moment and only seek to do enough to earn enough to fund our enjoyment. I feel we can do better than that..

Anyway, my point is that – even if work is tough, impossible at times – the tougher the work-week, the better the weekend. Joy wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t for pain after all (as a close friend from school would rap)..

And I see why all sunshine makes a desert.. I guess life’s best lived when there’s balance.

On the 4 hour work-week book, I’m still reading it as it does have a lot of great tips on how to get more productive and save time, but yes, I am definitely against the central idea!