The cancel-return adventure

I recently made a purchase in our corporate rewards store powered by Workhuman. Within a minute of making the purchase, I realized I made a mistake. I should have used my points for something else.

I searched for a cancel order button for the next 3 minutes and found a help center post recommending I call them. So, 4 minutes in, I did that.

Credit to them, they picked up within minutes. But, I was told they had no way to cancel it at the moment. It was Saturday and they’d have to call the supplier on Monday morning.

I checked in on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, however, the supplier had shipped it before I reminded them. So, the package was on my way. I could, however, call Fedex if I wanted it canceled.

When I called Fedex, I learnt that only the sender could cancel it. So, I called Workhuman back and asked them to request the supplier to cancel it.

They told me via email that this didn’t work. I have no idea why. So, I’d now have to wait for the Fedex delivery and refuse the package.

You guessed it. The Fedex delivery person just left the package at the door. So, I couldn’t do that. Can I get some return labels?

After a couple of email requests and calls, I finally received a quick questionnaire that I needed to fill out – including sending photos of the unopened box. Then, I finally received said return labels and, eventually, my refund.

The entire process took about 4 weeks.

To think of all of this could have been avoided by a cancel button.

If that breaks the order relay system, we could imagine a solution that delays sending orders by 15 minutes to external suppliers and thus enable users to cancel within 15 minutes (I assume that’s a reasonable window to catch a mistake).

Another great reminder that it’s got to be easy to remove a charge.