Ease of removing a charge

I was renting a car recently. The friendly lady at the counter of the Dollar/Thrifty car rental added a fuel pre-payment charge after giving me a brief overview.

I asked her a couple more questions and realized it wasn’t something I wanted. So, I asked for it to be removed.

“Unfortunately, the system doesn’t let me do that.”

The solution was to wait until drop off. At drop off, I had to bring back an acknowledgment/confirmation of a full tank of gas from the representative back to the counter. It was fine in the big scheme of things – just an extra 10 minutes (factoring in time in a queue).

But, the exercise reminded me of a metric that I think would be particularly helpful for product teams to measure – easy of cancellation. This would require everyone on the team to know the answer to the question – how easy is it for a customer to remove a charge/cancel a subscription/close an account?

Small improvements in our systems translate into large improvements to the customer experience.