All steps are purposeful

“The drama of being human is great and complicated. The pathless path is pockmarked with pain and suffering. But seen from the vantage point that all steps are purposeful, all of it seems worthwhile – a glorious, life-giving retort to those who would question our worthiness and lovability.”| Jerry Colonna in Reboot

Over the past few weeks, I’ve sprinkled a passage once a week from Jerry Colonna’s lovely book, Reboot. Thanks to my current snail’s pace of reading, I finally finished the book. The central thesis of the book is that better humans make better leaders.

As you might imagine, that resonates deeply.

And then there’s the fact that there are so many beautiful passages (like the one above) that struck a chord as I read them. So, more of these to come.

Thank you for a lovely book, Jerry.