The frontlines

During a deeply unsettling time, many humans are on the frontlines making it possible for us to stay safe in our homes.

They are ensuring essentials like food are getting transported around the world, keeping grocery stores running, ensuring essential businesses stay open, fighting fire/emergencies, and, of course, treating the sick and wounded in hospitals.

Many of these folks are doing this while also facing real worries about not meeting ends meet.

While we can never repay the many who are sacrificing their health and wellness on the frontlines, there are two things we can do.

First, continue to stay at home so we ensure their struggles are not in vain.

And, second, do the small things that might help them. Tip generously, order some extra takeout from our favorite restaurant, say a heartfelt thank you during our grocery run, donate – each small steps adds a bit of gratitude and love into the system.

And, it all adds up.