A kiss and a stern word to help with pain

Right from when our first kid was a few months old, we started a tradition wherein any fall or accident would be followed by –

a) an acknowledge of the “ouwie”
b) a kiss at the place where it is hurting the most
c) a stern word or two to the offending piece of furniture or floor to be careful

Three and a half years in and thanks to enthusiastic adoption by our second, these three steps follow every accident. a) calms the kids down, b) somehow helps them feel better, and c) is generally the source of much joy.

Aside from being a fun tradition, it has helped me appreciate the deep connection between physical and mental pain as well as the resulting profound power of placebos.

It also makes me think of pain I experience. How much of that would be solved by these 3 steps?

Perhaps more than I’d like to admit.