Ooch before you leap – The 200 words project

.Here’s this week’s 200 word idea from Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

 In 2006, John Hanks, an executive at “National instruments,” was thinking about making a bet on wireless sensors. The technology had a lot of promise but it needed to be understood if it would survive tough environments like mines and oil rigs.

So, Hanks did what National Instruments usually does – “Ooch.” An ooch is a small experiment to test a hypothesis. He worked with Electrical engineers at UCLA to install wireless sensors in a jungle in Costa Rica for an experiment to understand changes in carbon dioxide in the forest. If they were to work, they would have to not only be accurate but resistant to heavy rainfall and other elements of nature.

They worked. After a few more ooches, John and team began developing wireless sensors with $3M investment and that business has been a key part of National Instruments offering since.

This is common practice in some professions, e.g., designers call it prototyping. If it is not normal practice in what we do, perhaps we should consider an “ooch” before we make major decisions e.g. spend two weeks in a new place before we make a permanent shift.

Ooch before you leap

Source and thanks to: www.EBSketchin.com

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