Two Sides of the Same Coin

With every initiative we take comes frustration and excitement. They are two sides of the same coin. If we are headlong into a pursuit, it is equally likely that we walk back home feeling on top of the world or walk back home feeling hopeless.
Disappointment and joy are part of the journey too. At the end or at major points in these initiatives, we are likely to taste one of the two. Not everything ends in joy, of course. That said, this also depends on how we measure success and what we attach joy too. Failing is one thing, not learning is another.
Still, two sides of the same coin.
The alternative to all this , of course, is not to take any initiative at all. That way, we keep away from the bad stuff. We show up at work, take up projects where we always have a place to hide, another person to blame. We won’t have to work late or during weekends or ever feel the need to carry on when our body and mind plead with us to give up and walk away. There is no doubt we would get by just fine.
But, when are 70 years old and looking back at our own life’s tale, would ‘getting by’ make us the hero of our own movie? Or would be left reflecting on what could have been and be another one those who pens a bunch of inspirational regrets for the next generation to ignore?