Finding Purpose

I sometimes wonder if most of the institutions we have dreamed up as human beings exist to fill that gap, that massive emptiness created by a lack of purpose.

I find these institutions to be of 2 kinds – the ‘bigger than yourself’ institutions i.e. religion, organized sports where you are part of something bigger than yourself and the ‘keep me busy enough so I don’t notice’ kind that involves everything we do to avoid getting ‘bored’ regularly – regular socializing and maybe, most work?

As developed as we are as a race, it’s amazing that we still ask ourselves ‘What should I do now to feel better?’, ‘What kind of job will make me happy?’, ‘What should I do different?’ – as if ‘what’ ever gave us the answer.

Perhaps we should just stop asking and listening to ‘what’ questions for a week. And replace them all with ‘why’.

Why am I not feeling good? Why am I not happy with what I do? Why am I always looking for something different to do? Why do I work?

Of course, it’s scary. And of course, most attempts will give us the wrong answers.

But, the way I see it, it’s better to attempt to solve the right questions than to spend a lifetime solving the wrong ones..