Work Hacks Wednesday: Take Up One Side Project

It’s amazing how routines, if not re-examined from time to time, can cause a serious loss of perspective. Work is probably the mother of all routines.

{Wake up in the morning, cancel plans to go for a run, sleep a little more, head to work, come back, cancel plans to go to the gym, watch some television, go to bed.}

Depending on your team, job or company, some or many days will involve crisis fighting and late nights. And irrespective of your team, job or company, you will go through many highs and lows during the journey.

It’s easy to completely lose perspective in this process and let work become life. That might work well in the short term for our careers but is a definite problem in the long term for ourselves.

In a post a while back about the Icelandic approach to happiness where people learn more and more about more and more. I am convinced that this isn’t just happier, but it’s just better. The more we do, the more we can do and so on.

That’s why I would always stick by the idea of taking up one side project. It just helps keep perspective. This side project could be anything – volunteering, learning a language, learning an instrument, learning a martial art – anything works. The only condition is to take it up seriously. Sign up for classes if necessary and get really good.

And it will show at work too.

Excellence is not an act, but a habit. We are indeed what we repeatedly do..

( much as I hate to think of it that way and like to blame blips on bad luck, it’s amazing how Aristotle nailed that one.)