Thursday: Highest Goals and Holy Grails

Today’s post is a rare re-blog. The source of this piece is Philosopher’s Notes by Brian Johnson.

Before we jump into this whole Purpose thing, let’s get really clear on something. When I talk about discovering and living our purpose, I’m not talking about pausing everything in our lives and going out on a Holy Grail chase to discover something mysterious that’s hidden somewhere hard to reach that only the lucky few ever discover.

Um, not so much.

Now, I definitely believe we all have a unique constellation of strengths and experiences and passions that blend together in ineffable ways, leading us to our most authentically awesome lives. But it’s really easy to get all wrapped up in that and miss the fact that living a life of purpose isn’t a “someday when I’ve figured it all out and I’ve discovered my purpose I’ll be happy and until then my life sucks” kinda thing.


Living a life of purpose is all about knowing that our Ultimate Purpose—our Highest Goal—is seeing just how consistently we can plug into the best within us.

In short, to live with integrity. (Yes, I’m repeating myself. It’s deliberate. ;)

With THAT as our Ultimate Purpose and Highest Goal, EVERY MOMENT gives us an opportunity to be on purpose. And, well, that’s awesome.

Plus, as it turns out, when we focus on our Highest Goal, we tend to be a *lot* happier now AND the specific purpose/dharma/destiny we’re here to fulfill tends to come to us without so much fuss.

So, as we go out and rock it, let’s remember the Ultimate Purpose Formula: Integrity = Bliss.

I thought this as very cool.

Live with integrity, and the rest will follow. Perhaps that is the purpose of life after all..

I like it.