The Answers Have to Come from You

A career counsellor cannot help you decide what you want to do.

An advisor cannot help you take the most important decision of your life.

A colleague/boss/mentor cannot help you decide if a course of action is ‘right’.

Well, they might be able to give you their opinion but that’s all it will be. There is no guarantee that it will be helpful.

It’s almost a bad use of their time (and ours) to go to them seeking answers.

A worthy approach might be to go to them seeking how they would approach the same question and work to understand the tools they would use to find the answers.

A really bad thing happens the moment we switch our approach from asking for answers to asking for questions and approaches, though – There will be no one to blame.

PS: I feel like I could do with as many reminders of this as possible because the allure of seeking answers is so tempting that I have succumbed more than once.