In the Mountains

I am in the mountains today. A fellow blogger had blogged about a trek she had taken to the Himalayas with her father two years ago now.

Taking a trek in the Himalaya’s has been one of the items on my bucket list for a while and since I heard the idea 2 years ago, I’ve been intent on making it happen. A friend and I have been trying to make this trip happen for a while now. We weren’t able to squeeze it in last year and finally found this 1 week slot this year.

We invited friends, family and anyone we thought would be interested and ended up with an eclectic group of Moms and Kids turning this trek into a real family experience. As you read this, our group would probably be puffing and panting under a tree somewhere high up.

So, I’m off the grid as of yesterday and I will not be able to reply to your comments till I am back next Monday. The blog posts will keep coming though, thanks to Windows Live Writer’s wonderful post scheduling feature.

Look forward to hearing from you when I’m back!

Happy Monday!