The RIGHT Way to Travel

There are many inspirational blog posts out in the blogosphere on Travel. Some of the more inspirational ones give you reasons to travel wide whilst you are young. Yet some others talk about the ‘right’ way to travel. Of course, the ‘right’ way is highly dependent on the biases of the blogger involved. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of good literature out there on ‘how’ to travel.

I thought I’d provide the counter point. I don’t believe there is a ‘right’ way to travel.

There are many kinds of vacations.

By type, there are
mountain-acations (think: adventure, trekking, rafting)
beach-acations (think: beaches (duh..), water sports, walks by the water etc),
tourist-acations (think: wake up 8am, tourist map, lots of pictures),
visit-acations (think: visiting family, lots of meeting and renewing friendship and family ties) and
relax-acations (think: sleep, more sleep).

By people, there are
single-acations (think: no thinking required)
romance-acations (think: as above)
friends-acations (think: fun and merriment)
family-acations (think: sweet memories.. and thinking about your friends once in a while. ;-))
relative-acations (think: boring family reunions)

By budget, there are
hostel-acations (think: pampering your wallet)
style-acations (think: pampering yourself)

By energy requirements, there are
thrill-acations (think: so much activity that you need a vacation after your vacations)
recharge-acations (think: raring to go after your vacation!)

Now, given we have so many kinds of vacations/travel types, how can there be a RIGHT way to travel?

The simple truth is that there isn’t. There are two other facts that are often forgotten.

Firstly, the concept of travel is cultural. If you are European, taking a year off after college to travel is very normal. If you’re Asian, it’s absurd. But, then again, Asians don’t get their education sponsored. So, even if there’s longing, there’s nothing in the bank account.

Secondly, our willingness to travel likely also depends on our state in life i.e. our circumstances. If you are doing building something very exciting at this stage in life, then travel can wait. Every dollar you earn may be better off being invested in what you’re building.

The reason I say this is because our Facebook lives demand a bit of travel to stay hip. Travel when young, increase your country count, take cool photos etc.

If you decide to do it, I hope you think about why you’re traveling and make sure you enjoy the experience.

If you don’t like bungee jumping and thrill-acations, that’s okay.

If you want to go about on a very tourist-y package tour, that’s also okay.

If you choose to eat at McDonald’s and KFC during your break, that works just as well.

And if you don’t want to travel when young, or ever, that’s also fine.

Like many other things in life, travel is often overrated.

And like most things in life, it’s often not so much about the destination or the journey, but about the company we keep.

Paradise can be wherever you are. It’s a choice.

It definitely is.. where I am…here and now.. :-)