Merry Christmas

I am a Hindu by faith. I tend to be more spiritual than religious however. I think that tends to be a view held by most of us who whose education taught us to think, to probe and to question.

That said, I love religious festivals. I am a sucker for all kinds of celebrations. You just have to give me an excuse and I’ll probably be out on the street celebrating. I love the concept of celebrations – be it religious ones like Diwali, Id or Christmas or simply the many ‘day’s’ we celebrate during the year like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day etc.

These celebrations encourage us to take a break, pause and think of those who matter most. And Christmas takes the cake when it comes to timing. The Christmas New Year break is what makes December incredibly magical for most us. For those of us who are fortunate to live near family or have the means to travel to our homes, it’s the time when we get together and celebrate!

And, perhaps, most importantly, it is that time when most of the world takes a break from work to celebrate. Isn’t that a magical thought?

This very moment, many families, friends and loved ones across time zones are getting together and enjoying a great meal, a great movie or simply a great moment.

At a time when there’s more societal, economical and social unrest than there’s been for many decades, that thought alone gives me a lot of hope… We could do with some love in this world..

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday week..