Weep Alone or Laugh Alone

‘Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.’

As a close friend observed the other day, this quote hardly represents reality.

In real life, misery always finds company. Think of the last time you faced misfortune and you will remember the many who came by to offer their sympathies and condolences. And thank god they went out of their way to do that too. When things go bad, it is helpful to know we don’t have to worry about support.

What happens, though, when you get a raise, get that promotion, get recognized in your community or get a whole bunch of regular customers in your business? Who do you celebrate those small wins with?

It is likely that the framily (close friends and family) with whom you celebrate these wins are those most likely to be truly happy for you. Your true support group. Your cheerleaders. There are few who laugh with you, without envy or jealousy at what you’ve achieved or gotten thanks to sheer luck.

I hope you celebrate them. For, in reality, there are many around us when we weep but few around us when we laugh.