Fully charged

Note: Today i.e. Saturday is the equivalent of ‘Monday’ here in Oman and hence, is the first working day of the week.
The term that would best describe today would be – ‘Surgical precision’

There was something special about the day today. I woke up with a spring in my step, had one of those truly awesome days when you are ‘on the ball’ the entire time, meet your goals for the day and yet, feel fully energized and positive at the end of the day. And the 3 contributing factors are –

1. A weekend that was as close to ideal as it could be. ‘Alone’ time to recharge, lots of sleep and great food, sufficient time on all side projects and of course, enough time to write my book as well. That meant the weekend was ‘fulfilling’ on most front.
2. Amazing online meets/phone catch ups with loved ones. This ensured full emotional recharge.
3. Woke up to my beloved ‘Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock’ . If you have a chance to invest in good alarm clock technology, I would recommend it. This alarm clock and it’s graphs analyzing my sleep have greatly added value, and joy, to my life.
All in all, today was a day I would like to repeat from time to time. If I could have 3 such work days in a week for a start, that would be the start of the end goal to have productivity rivalling Bill Gates.
Okay, I don’t quite know how productive he is but I’m guessing he must be churning out days like this out of habit.. :)