Building – brick by brick

I’ve read many a book, seen many a video where the founder of a successful business or concept talks about his thrill at his first loyal customer/reader and how he/she toiled away in the early days to build some traction. What is always heartening to me is that most of these great achievements came one small step at a time, were built one brick at a time.

I can relate – for I experience a great amount of satisfaction when I notice a new ‘Like’ on the facebook page or a new follower on the blog. I immediately, pretty excitedly, check out who the new person is. And I’ve looked at bigger blogs and often wonder what it must be like to have a few thousand people read a post as soon as they put it up, to have more comments than they can handle. And I remind myself that there would have been a time when they, too, were read only by close family and friends.
I also remind myself that almost nothing in life comes thanks to a windfall. Millionaires don’t become so because they won a lottery. In fact, the ones who win a lottery almost never are millionaires.. the ones who build are the ones who are there to stay.
The tough thing to do is to keep building though because like in any journey, you are bound to have ‘wall-breakers’ or incidents that ruin that wall you built brick by brick. And as tough as it may be to continue then, what doesn’t kill us makes only makes us stronger after all.
And those who have tasted the joy of building will realize that it may not quite matter that the wall you built is not as big as you imagined it to be or not as game changing as you thought it would be. But, just the fact you spent years creating something that could be destroyed overnight (and it probably even was), made you learn, grow and made you somebody who you would never have been – had you never spent that time building.
And in the process, if you did manage to build something magnificent, that’s fantastic. Congratulations to you! The world will laud you for your ‘genius’. This message though, is for all those unrecognized builders – the ones who are still waiting for that break through, toiling hard to make a difference, make a dent.. make no mistake, the time will come. And when it does, all that you are doing now will only make sure you are ready for it.
Let the building continue, and in some cases, begin!
‘It takes 10 years to become an overnight sensation’ – Robin Sharma

As far as this blog goes, it’s 2 and a half years down. 7 and a half to go.. :)