‘Being’ world class:

John Yokohama is famous for a reason. He has taken a fish market (yes, a fish market) and a bunch of fish mongers and made them world famous.
And one of the key factors in this transformation has been John’s, and hence Pike Place Fish’s focus on ‘being’ vs ‘doing’.

Whenever a new fishmonger joins ‘World famous’ Pike Place fish, he is always eager to understand what to do. And that’s where he learns his first lesson – he will not be told what to ‘do‘, rather, he will be taught how to think about who he would like to ‘be‘.

For example, if John finds a certain fish monger enjoying the adoring attention of the crowd too much, a question he always asks is ‘Are you being famous? Or are you being someone who is making a world famous difference?’

His team understand the difference. They don’t expect John to tell them to stop enjoying the attention. They just expect him to remind them to ‘be‘ who they have committed to be.

Reading about John Yokohama’s philosophies and his focus on defining our actions by ‘being‘ vs ‘doing‘ has been very inspiring. Armed with this insight, John has transformed an ordinary Seattle fish stand to ‘World Famous’ Pike place fish – a stand known for the enthusiasm and energy of their crew as well as their ‘world famous’ fish throwing. They are SO famous that viewers even tune into a live feed of their stand online! Isn’t that inspiring? Do check out more on http://www.pikeplacefish.com/