Anything that’s not a yes is a no..

Whenever we take a decision that involves our gut/blindly taking a call based on what our heart says, the simplest thing that has worked for me is that ‘Anything that’s not a yes is a no’

For example, this happened when I was checking out blog skins for and I kept leafing through pages and pages. While I didn’t have a clear idea of what I liked, I knew that if I saw a thumbnail that my heart said ‘yes’ to to, it would be fine. I came across 2-3 of them that my heart said ‘Well.. pretty good’ but didn’t stop, till I got that resounding yes!

Our heart communicates pretty candidly the moment we make friends with it!

This works practically with anything we intend to use as well – task list systems, furniture.. anything that requires us to decide with our heart! :)