The Lost Symbol, The bucket list and Prince of Persia..

3 creative in-lets(?) during the week thanks a Dan Brown book and 2 nice movies. And I just thought I’d write in the one thing I remember from each book..

1) The Lost Symbol
(This one is on the review queue and will get there in a few months from the looks of it.. haha)

I would remember the whole concept of divinity within from the book. I know this is a point re-iterated in all our scriptures, but was a very nice reminder from an unlikely source.

2) The Bucket List

I will remember 2 quotes from the movie..

You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.
He died with his eyes closed and his heart open


3) The Prince of Persia: So much changed when the Persian emperor spotted talent on the street and gave the talent an opportunity..
Made me wonder – Are we reaching out and giving talent opportunities?


Stefano Catelli, you are a lucky man! ;)