Make a system.. and never feel guilty again.

Let’s go back to January I had decided I would make it a point to read 30 mins every day. Typically, after a few days, I started faltering –

Normal Situation:
I feel very guilty on day 1. Then again, on day 2 and soon, I just tell myself ‘I can’t do this’ or more likely convince myself I’m too busy to read.

Situation 2:
For every day I miss reading a book, I pay my friend 2 dollars.

Do I feel guilty now? Never! Because I absolutely HATE losing money over it. Have there been days I’ve lost money over this? Yes..
Do I feel bad? No.. because I know I did something more valuable.

The key in making a system like this is it establishes an opportunity cost. The ideal system would also have a bonus for doing well. While I haven’t gotten there yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

The biggest revelation for myself is I’ve close to eliminated ‘guilt’. If I get a shouting at for bad work, my reaction now is to ask for ratings and make sure I pass on a dollar to this very lucky friend for a negative rating. And again, no more guilt..

Of course, my system is slightly more detailed (As I’ve been on it for months now), so in case you have any questions, I look forward to them in your comments..