Weekends are..

what we make them to be..

I know that sounds bloody obvious but I’ve realized the are as special as we make them to be. It takes effort to make them special of course.

The whole idea of having 2 days after a (generally) tough 5 days is already amazing! And I fully appreciate their value now! Aside from that, I’ve realized how easy it is to not have a life, to not do anything because work typically takes so much out of us that it’s very easy to just come back home every weekday and do nothing and repeat the same process for weekends.

But, it does help when weekends = something different and special. This weekend, for example, just a trip to Sentosa to spend some in front of the blue water on golden sands was just worth it! It took away the monotony of seeing the same scenery (i.e. big concrete buildings) and made for a brighter outlook to the week ahead..

It’s over to night-cycling at Pulau Ubin next week!

Systems kick in slowly..

This is with reference to 2 things actually – 1) The cleanliness at my new (shared) home and 2) Weekend book learnings

In the case of 1), I’ve seen that systems kick in gradually. It is very tempting to clean all things at once (initially, I was aghast at the mess that resulted in a house where 4 (on weekdays) and 8 (on weekends) live.. haha.

But gradually, over the weeks, one newer thing gets added to the cleaning list and over the past week, the house has become a home (in the cleanliness sense as well).

In the case of 2), I started sending out an email every weekend to close family and friends with book learnings from a book that I’d read. This was a random, badly written email that was meant to be an incentive for me to read and share learnings. Over time, it has changed to a nice and polished email with a story from one of the books I read over the course of the week.

When I look at the email in its current state, I’m amazed at how far it’s come.

If I had to summarize this post in a couple of lines.

It’s important to have a sense of where we are going (example: Best book learning mail in the world, uber clean house etc)

And ‘Some things just take time, 9 women can’t make a baby in a month!’

Giving only helps..

when others are ready to receive.

It may be tempting to want to give our own point of view, our own auto biographical experiences etc..

but it only helps when others are ready to receive.. (and typically, when they are, we know..)

Patience definitely helps..

In a few days, the need to give may also wither away. Time changes everything after all..

All sunshine makes a desert..

I read this on Vikram’s blog and I found it very insightful.

I’m reading a book titled ‘4 hour work week’ where (self) acclaimed author Tim Ferris talks about living the ideal life – working 4 hours and spending the rest of the time skiing, snorkelling, holidaying – you get the picture.

Rather than be enthralled by it, I find myself repulsed by it. For one, his point of view is entirely based on the premise that we exist to enjoy every moment and only seek to do enough to earn enough to fund our enjoyment. I feel we can do better than that..

Anyway, my point is that – even if work is tough, impossible at times – the tougher the work-week, the better the weekend. Joy wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t for pain after all (as a close friend from school would rap)..

And I see why all sunshine makes a desert.. I guess life’s best lived when there’s balance.

On the 4 hour work-week book, I’m still reading it as it does have a lot of great tips on how to get more productive and save time, but yes, I am definitely against the central idea!

Would you like it done to you..

Of late, I’ve been trying to put many of my intended reactions to a lot of things said about me in perspective by asking – ‘Would you like it done to you?’

I was tempted to give feedback to a friend one morning and when I asked myself, I realized it was not the place and time.

I wasn’t at my best when listening to a friend and when I asked myself this, I realized I should have changed the environment or done something different to make it better.

Funnily enough, the biggest place where I find myself applying this is in emails – I realize that whenever I receive emails that address me as ‘Rohan‘ instead of a ‘Hi‘ or ‘Dear‘ preceding it, I feel ordered.. And I realized that while it is a tempting way to start writing emails – why do so when I would be uncomfortable being addressed that way?

The theory is the same as the ‘Golden Rule‘ that says ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated‘ – that is true, but while I’ve known the theory, I’m only slowly beginning to execute on it.. and I guess it is very important to celebrate small wins. :)