Internet Connectivity..

These days.. we are always connected. Its not a question of ‘whether we like it or not’ anymore, is it? There was a time when I used to plan for a trip and think of my essentials just before leaving and these would be clothes to books to other knick knacks. These days, I travel in peace when I know I have my laptop, phone and respective chargers. And am sure this is the case for so many others!

Well, I missed a learning yesterday and the big reason was that I was in the middle of nowhere where connectivity is concerned. I could almost picture myself trudging through a 100 new emails the next day and the fact that I had indeed missed my learning for the day..

So, again, the big learning for the day is that we need these breaks – once in a while. It gets tougher for us to be disconnected as we grow older, have more to do, more responsibilities. So, while we can enjoy it, we should – once a while..!