Games, rules and the like..

After having adjusted the rules to Singapore time.. A little more about games and rules. It is indeed interesting how the best management practices are automatically practiced on the football field. For example, a big deal is made on the practice of differentiation, wherein, within a team, the members are paid according to the level of performance. When Jack Welch did it in GE, it caused global outrage- eventually, it was of course copied all over the world.

The intriguing thing is that it has always been the same on the football field. We have always heard of the best being paid a lot more, heard of club transfer fee records broken by the Zidane’s of the world… Its like I was told by someone wiser.. the rules are clear in football. You know when you score and when you don’t and there is a referee, who basically, makes sure the grey areas are sorted out(not always, but for all practical purposes!).

As I was made to realize once, the rules not all that clear at work and THAT makes all the difference in the world..

Sustainability again..

Big big learning (on a relatively lighter note.. :))- when trying to get sustainability right.. try and get the time zones right as well. Google works on US timezones and its always confusing as to whether I’ve posted a learning for the correct day.. maybe I can get to change it somewhere.. lets see! :)

The learning is to be very clear about the rules of the game! Seriously..

A lot of people give up..

on the brink of unprecedented success. I’ve found this saying intriguing because it almost covers everything that’s necessary. Apart from asking us to try till we succeed, this also calls for patience(a lot of it at that..) and basically makes sure(once we’ve taken it to heart) that we have a very hard time convincing ourselves to give up.

Its just now that I got lot of hate mail for a new attempt. So, what are the options? Its like a friend who agreed with the mail in terms of the feedback(which implied LOTS of improvement) who said – hey.. you either ‘win’ some or you ‘learn’ some..

live and ‘learn’ they say.. :D

Its amazing how even negative popularity..

can be very good popularity. Its like after getting through a book that described 100 great businesses and the minds behind them – which by the way, had great stories about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sergey Brin & Page of Google etc.. I still tend to remember Charles Revson of Revlon(mentioned below..) for his notoriety!


‘Successful people build homes out of the bricks others throw on them’ – So, its about using the negative publicity to our advantage..

With Lots of Passion..

comes an intensity that results in us taking things personally! It suddenly feels like its a personal dispute etc. That feeling is all too common where I’m concerned and more often than not, leads to varying degrees of conflict.

How do we avoid something like this? Something that I feel that may help is to think. Literally, THINK! Stop and think and do nothing else. Don’t talk – just think! till the other person asks whats up. Try and convey a feeling. eg: Feeling uncomfortable because of this agreement and I’m actively thinking as to how to solve this! Now, both you and the person/people who were locked in combat are together solving a problem together.

Well, this is just something that helped today but again, there are multiple ways of doing this. However, the common trend that I’ve observed is that it does help unite them towards something else..

For the last minute people..

learning for the day is to get an idea how much time it might take to get what needs to be done done! what that means is that if am pushing and pushing..then atleast I shouldn’t push below the threshold limit like I always do..

Difficult to explain..perhaps a fellow last minuter would understand.. and hopefully remember to atleast estimate how much time it would take before pushing to understand the time limit.. probably the most complex of all the blogs I’ve written and complex is generally not too good..

But – its the need of the moment!

Its not about getting work done..

but about getting done efficiently. As I learnt when I was scanning some sheets today. A 2 hr job was reduced to 10 minutes by using the feeder tray and reducing the ‘dpi’ of the scanned issue. Sounds like common sense but given my inexperience, I always tend to take the not so straight longer route to a particular point. Sadly, to rub salt to our wounds, this not-so-straight way is littered with bumps and has anything but bumps.

So, how do we learn this? Well, firstly I guess we try to learn.. and then hopefully, some day – we’d be high up on the IQ scale as well.. ;)

If work is not getting done..

then it has something to do with your task list.

As I have discovered of late, Task lists, in terms of functionality, are binary – they either work, or they just don’t. And sometimes there are seasons i.e. there was a time post its worked, now its good old notepad. One Note 2007, for instance, never worked for me – despite it looking very cool etc. And neither does the really cool looking task list on my palm..!

But I guess the most important thing I have realized is that work gets done really fast if you have a task list that I like. For instance, we all have our styles and moods. I’ve realized there are times when scratching makes me feel good, other times when just erasing the task feels good.. but again, whatever is functional is fine!

Also, the other big learning is that it does get a bit daunting when the task list is way too long. Helps sort them into a long term and another daily.. but again – that would depend on whether I am in a killer visionary mood or a less motivated worker mood.. ha ha..

Anyway, amidst all the talk, the all important learning – if work is refusing to get done, modify the task list!

Most successful people..

look fit! We keep hearing of them being daily swimmers/regular golfers/tennis players and the like. No matter how busy the schedule, the fitness regime is maintained..

And I couldn’t ‘find time’ to play in my 1st year..

Cultural Differences – Food

A friend commented, while at dinner – ‘You get very stiff when you eat.. don’t worry(on the bemused look on the other companions face and mine) – you’ll get less stiff in 10-15 years when you get used to eating..ha ha)’. Well, it is true that I get very stiff when public. Well, maybe not ‘very’ stiff..but well..that’s beside the point..

Food and eating habits can be really interesting and the lack of awareness and sensitivity can cost us a lot more than dirty looks as well – so I have learnt. For instance, the region I come from – we eat our rice using our hands(yes! for all the chopstick and spoon users – thats true! :)) Now, lets imagine I’ve been playing soccer from when I was 5 years old vs a friend who is learning at 19. What are the chances that at 21- he would be a better soccer player? Well, it is similar odds with eating habits as well..

Now, its not like my mother didn’t warn me about this. Lets face it – we realize the depth of our parents constant badgering about this and that as we move out. Well, if you haven’t – I tell you – its about time! As always, I had the – ‘don’t worry! I only do this at home..’. Yeah right! Another learning that I am coming to terms with is that, while it is true that good manners begin at home, bad manners do – as well. (Home – being close circle – family, friends etc)

Anyway, there is no end to cultural differences. What is right in the east is often unthinkable in the west etc. But, it does help to know where we want to go.. because disaster at the dinner table is disaster all around..

And well.. If the price to look decent(till I actually get used to being a classy eater) is being stiff and conscious for a few years, sounds like a fair bargain!

PS: I am an insensitive brute – when it comes to environments etc and also tend to be very clumsy. So, the situation may not be all that commonplace.. but who knows? :D