Self Help books..

Today, thanks to a few triggers over the past few days, I began to wonder why many tend to be so averse to self help books..

Is it a fear that sets in during our the teenage years thanks to peer groups who advise us not to conform?

Or are we scared that we would be attracted or influenced by a ‘common’ point of view?

Or are we afraid we would lose our identity and not be unique any more?

Let’s face it.. A book can only change so much. If it does end up changing our lives to a large degree, then it means we really liked it and it means it was worth it – so why worry?

And if it didn’t, its just an idea that we didn’t take to, which is fine as well..

The one thing I have realized is that many a management or self help book is not meant to be just read. Many are meant to be studied – it’s similar to understanding a culture in depth, we need to be open to a new way of thought before we can figure out what we like and what we don’t and then, what we want to use in our lives and what we don’t.

It requires a large degree of openness..

To me, saying I stay away from self help books would be akin to saying I’d like to stay away from inspiring people – after all, they demand all my attention and they actually require me to act on their advice, can you believe that?

Books, travel and people – our only exposure sources inn the world. Let’s get exposed then! :)