We have very little time with people..

.. Really!

I just waved goodbye to my mother this morning. And I was struck by how fast time went by. I’d landed home two months ago to this day and it felt like I had ages ahead to spend with her but it’s whizzed past.

The wonderful part was that, for a change, I did spend the majority of my time at home. And that felt great.. But however, saying goodbye is never easy – especially to someone so special. And I guess it is the thought of it being the last big vacation (the joys of student life..) that also made it tough.

All in all, what I’ve realized is that we have very very very minimal time with people we love. It is very likely that the total time you and I have left with someone who means the world to us is just a few hours (net quality time spent) which brings me to wonder as to why we take life for granted at all.. :-)

Time to spread the love with lots of hugs and kisses, eh..

While I was with Mom, I did learn a lot as always. 3 things that stood out..

1) Inherent curiosity: I feel that’s probably what separates adults from children. The moment we feel ‘we kow’, the curiosity that we’d generally harbor dies! And that’s when we grow old. That’s the secret to Mom’s eternal youth..

2) Enthusiasm: I love people with passion as they make me come alive. That’s why I enjoy spending time with Mom. Together, we are always plotting one adventure after another.

3) Taking ourselves lightly: As were talking, we remembered the quote ‘Dont take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive