Encountering skeptics

Every time you build something new or different, you’ll encounter skeptics. I’ve learned over time that most of these skeptics come at this with nothing but good intentions. All they see, however, are the problems.

It is easy to find yourself getting angry, disappointed, or annoyed at the skepticism. But these are the useless default reactions.

Once we get past that, pay attention to the signal in their feedback, and use it to make our ideas better, we’ll find that our ideas are better for their skepticism. It just requires us to get over ourselves, focus on what they’re saying, and ignore how they’re saying it.

If you manage to get through this process (and I hope you do), you’ll find that the same skeptics will become the biggest believers.

Every good idea has skeptics.

It is just on us to follow our conviction, to stay focused on making our ideas better, and to do the work.