How we make big decisions

Every once a while, it is worth asking ourselves – how do I make a big decision?

To answer this, we need to ask 3 questions:

(1) How have we made big decisions in the past?

(2) What was the process when things worked well? And didn’t? (Process includes – how did we go about thinking about it? How did it feel?)

(3) What would our ideal process be?

It is worth taking the time to synthesize our approach because big decisions tend to have outsized consequences on our life. Deciding to change careers, go to graduate school, relocate, buy a home, etc., are all moves that have the potential to change every aspect of our life.

And, the crazy part is that there is no single correct decision in most of these cases. It all depends on the context.

Most importantly, the best decisions for you are those that work for you. So, it helps to understand how you can make a decision that is likely going to work for you.

For example, I know folks who only make such decisions when they feel the logic behind the decision is unassailable. I also know folks who only make such a decision when it “feels” right. For what it’s worth, I’m in the latter category.

Again, there’s no right answer. It all depends. However, once we understand our preferred process, it makes it easier to replicate when we make the next big decision.