Picking watermelons

A few years ago, I shared a learning about picking watermelons.

We love watermelons. So, it is a learning I think about every summer. The image below explains it beautifully.

The watermelons that look the worst taste the best. As the “field spot” color moves from white to yellow to nearly orange, the watermelon goes from “nearly ripe” -> “very ripe.”

I’m grateful for this learning as it conveys three things every time I think about it.

First, we’ve enjoyed great watermelons for five years now. Amazing how one insight that helps you understand the nature of a thing can change how you experience it.

Second, appearances can be deceptive. That is important – in fruits, with people, and in life as a whole.

And third, we learnt this thanks to our moms speaking to a random person at Costco who seemed to know what he was doing when he was picking a watermelon.

Learning can come from surprising places if we’re curious.