Tune ups

The shop we bought our bikes from has an “unlimited tune ups for life” policy. I love that idea. It aligns incentives for the long term beautifully.

I availed this with our first “tune up” recently. One of the bikes had some visible issues that needed to be fixed. Another didn’t have anything visible but possibly had issues that weren’t evident as yet. And yet another looked fine.

Regardless, all of them got their tune up done. I’m sure this habit will help catch issues before they happen in the long run.

I could relate to these bikes. We all need tune ups from time to time. Sometimes, our problems are physical and we see it in our bodies. Sometimes, they are mental and a break from thinking about the problems we think about is what we need. And, in other times, we need an emotional tune up.

Different issues need different kinds of tune ups. But, they need that break, care, and attention all the same.

So, let’s take the time to schedule these tune ups for ourselves. We often need them more than we think.