On the clock

A colleague working on product initiatives for Frontline workers recommended “On the Clock.” The full title of the book is “On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane.”

I experienced an unsavory incident recently. In retrospect, it was a good opportunity to test how much of stoic philosophy I had actually learnt after weeks of study.

I think I probably earned a “B.” I passed in a few key areas but have more work to do. Overall, the effects of the incident didn’t last long. And, after some time and space, I had resolved any remaining emotion and moved on.

Part of the process of gaining perspective was reminding myself that life at work in a “white collar” job are occasionally challenging, sometimes difficult, and never hard.

It is an idea that hit home again as I listened to the first 90 minutes of the book today.

It is an idea that I’m sure will hit home many times as I continue reading this book.

More reflections to follow.