Community and habits

Yesterday’s post was about the power of community to change culture. A related question I’ve been interested in exploring for a while is – how might we better use the power of community to build better habits?

Three years ago, a couple of friends and I discussed the possibility of building out an app that would help people reflect more and share gratitude. We talked about the possibility of infusing community – but, we were hazy on the specifics.

Even as time passed, the idea lived on. We talked about it in passing. But, for one reason or another, we didn’t get to it.

That changed three months back when we excitedly exchanged notes and realized we’d all appreciate some positivity right now. And, thus, the idea for an experiment in enabling folks to share gratitude was born.

Ergo “The Daily Seed App” alpha test.

As of yesterday, we have ~100 folks testing the web app. And, over the next 30 days, we’re excited to see if infusing community into a daily gratitude habit makes it stick.

If it works well, the next phase will be building out a mobile app.

More to follow on what we learn…