The orphanage routine

Someone I know conducted a learning session for young kids at an orphanage. As part of the virtual session, they decided to watch a video of the rhyme – “This is the way we…”

The kids loved the video and watched with great enthusiasm.

But, our facilitator found herself cringing as the video featured kids in a “normal” family with parents.

At the end of the session, she asked the caretaker of the orphanage about how the kids responded to such examples. It turned out the caretaker hadn’t noticed. Such moments are the norm in the life of a kid in an orphanage.

As the video was about routines, she also asked the caretaker about the kids’ routine. To this, the caretaker explained that the first thing the kids did was sweep the entire place.

As we spoke about this experience, we became intensely aware of the many things we take for granted in our lives, of the massive impact the ovarian lottery has on our life experience.

Most of all, we realized that there is much more to be grateful for than we even realize.