List of influences

Adam Wayne shared a link to a conversation we had in early 2017(!) that he just shared on his blog recently.

As it has been a while, I read through Adam’s cliff notes. And, as is the case with a conversation from 3 years ago, I agree with 80% of what I shared then and have changed my mind of the remaining 20%. For instance, I spend minimal time thinking about the concept of engagement these days as opposed to focus.

But, the biggest change would be the answer to any question that asks me to list folks who’ve influenced me the most. Somewhere down the line, I realized I used to jump to share influences outside of my family and friends.

In reality, the list of influences reads something like this as things stand – my mom, my wife, Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, Clay Christensen, my kids, colleagues, my maternal grandparents, parents-in-law, and friends. (I’m deliberately skipping names in case of colleagues and friends)

As I reflect on that list, I realize the list is just a reinforcement of the idea that we are the average of the folks we spend most of our time with. While some of these aren’t in our control, many – partners, colleagues, friends, folks whose books we read – are.

As a result, the choices we make about these partners – in life and at work – become among the most consequential decisions of them all.