Intentions, belief, and actions

I was reminded of an incident from a while back when someone I knew said something about their intentions about a situation that I didn’t believe.

That initial reaction of disbelief led me to ask myself questions – was I being too cynical? Why was my first instinct to not believe these intentions?

A few days later, said someone acted in a way that made it clear that those instincts were right.

As I stopped to think about it, I realized that this behavior was not new. They were consistent to their behavior in the past. And, while I had temporarily been taken in by their words, their actions spoke a lot louder.

That’s the wonderful thing about actions. They render talk about intentions obsolete.

By taking actions, we reveal our intentions.

So, if we find ourselves repeatedly justifying our good intent, it may just serve us better to stop… and take action that reflects that intent instead.