It is okay if it feels like everything sucks

Outside of the news, there’s a lot of positive/inspirational/educational/heart warming content on feeds everywhere. More than ever, folks are making an effort to share some love and make the best of this unique situation. That is great.

Amidst all this, it is worth reminding ourselves that it is okay if we’re feeling none of that.

It is okay if we’re feeling (one or more of) – lonely, sad about being cooped up, dispirited about talking to people on a screen, annoyed with ourselves about wanting some time away from our kids, anxious about barely holding it together in our jobs, missing the office, hopeless, worried about our finances and/or our jobs, frustrated about misguided projects taking up our limited bandwidth, and guilty about not doing enough for others.

In sum, it is totally okay if it feels as if everything sucks and all we want to do is to play victim for a while.

There’s no way out of a funk without acknowledging that we’re in a funk in the first place. We have to meet ourselves where are.

Progress – especially mental and emotional – is not linear. Every once a while, we have to take a few steps sideways or even backward to eventually make our way forward.