The habit casualty list

I was thinking about habits that have fallen into the casualty list due to (and not thanks to in this case :-)) the lockdown.

I was reflecting on the habits I miss the most at the current moment and there were two that came to mind. The first is the ability to switch off from attempting to get things done (not necessarily work). And, the second is the steep fall in the number of minutes I’ve listened to books on Audible.

The inability to switch off is a fact that most parents with young kids have to deal with. I don’t think there is any way out when you are attempting to keep young kids occupied through the day while getting work done and, somehow, keeping the household clean with dishes washed and clothes laundered. No complaints. We’re all in it together. And, there’s much to be grateful for.

The Audible habit, on the other hand, is one I miss more than I realized. As weekdays, weekends, and any such time compartments have blurred, I realize I miss content stimulating content that pushes me to think about things outside of getting things done at work/home and/or the lockdown/pandemic.

So, here’s to reviving that habit in the coming days.