Mailing in the last bit

I recently bought two pairs of jeans. That’s a once-in-eighteen-or-twenty-four-months event in our household. So, we planned a morning trip over the holidays to an outlet store (we’re fans of 7 for all Mankind if you’re looking for comfortable daily wear jeans :)) 40 minutes away, tried a bunch, and wrapped it up.

Of course, there was the small matter of alterations remaining. So, I picked a store that was open and relied on them to get it right. It would have helped to show up there with an existing pair of jeans so we could ensure they got the length right. But, I didn’t. I figured altering these jeans should be simple enough.

It turns out it wasn’t.

Despite explicitly requesting them not to cut the extra cloth away, they did. And, after I made my third visit today, I’m beginning to realize this purchase might just be wasted.

Every once a while, we do a lot of hard work on a project to get it to 90%. But, just as we’re about to get to the last bit, a new shiny project pops up. And, since our 90% project is, well, 90% of the way, why not just mail in the last bit?

In one word, don’t.