Hello Feedblitz

(For those receiving this via email: If this is the first time you are receiving A Learning a Day email, that was because Feedburner didn’t verify you when you did subscribe. I realize this might have happened a few years ago now. So, I apologize for the seemingly abrupt start to your daily learning subscription.)

Today’s post is dedicated to those of you who subscribe to A Learning a Day via email. Over the years, I’ve heard from many of you about issues with the daily email. Some of these issues were formatting related and made this email hard to read. Many were around how hard the email was to share socially. There was no easy way to share posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. And, even if you forwarded these notes to your friends and family and asked them to subscribe, it wasn’t easy for them to do so.

But, the worst kind of issues were those around Feedburner’s verification email. As I’ve come to realize, many of these went to spam folders and were never seen again. So, to a few of you, the email heads up from Feedblitz earlier today was the first time you heard from this blog as you have been in verification purgatory for as long as six or seven years. I cringed as I got a couple of unsubscribes rightfully sharing they had no recollection of subscribing – and I expect a few more to come through over the next few days. Again, I’m sorry.

I’ve been promising a fix to a few of you for a while. I am definitely a few years late in moving out of Feedburner and making this switch. While a part of the reason for this delay is to do with bandwidth, I’ll also admit to being a cheapskate. I started this blog ten years ago as a nineteen year old student. And, in many ways, that nineteen year old student’s attitude to “free” lives on. While I’m still grateful for that frugality in many areas of my life, there are areas where investing in better solutions is a no brainer. This is one of them. Thank you to the many of you who pushed me to invest in a better solution.

Replies to this email should reach me on rohan at rohanrajiv dot com as per normal. So, I hope to hear from you on how I can improve the email experience.

And, thank you Seth for recommending Feedblitz.

PS: For those reading this on feed readers, I hope this reached you fine. We’ll be back to normal service tomorrow. :)