64 pounds of plastic

A sperm whale washed up dead in Spain with 64 pounds (29 kg) of waste – most of it plastic – in its stomach. The waste includes ropes, nets, plastic bags and even a plastic drum.

Ocean plastics are killing fish and corals at an unprecedented rate and this is just one in a long list of examples.

So, I hope we’ll do more than sigh and look away. I hope that every such piece of news will push us to be more conscious about how we deal with our waste. We need to be more conscious about what we use, how we dispose our waste, how we recycle and to be more conscious about how we use natural resources.

The problem may seem too large for us to influence. But, all of this is caused by all of us and our collective behavior via the communities and organizations we belong to. Bit by bit, we can change the collective behavior.

It matters.